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Conversations with Remarkable Women
The Podcast for Women with a Heart for the World
Category: Self-Help
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October 27, 2020 11:31 PM PDT

A narrative between a Nic, a Monk and Marion, a Minister bringing alive the conversation about dying and death through the sharing of stories.

Never one to shy away from any conversation, this one has real magic in it. For so many reasons.

Marion is a retired Minister (and Momma of our very own Danielle Macleod). She’s also the remarkable woman who married Nic and her husband, around Nic’s Mum’s bedside and then carried out her funeral just days later.

In this opening conversation, this minister and our modern-day monk, share their own experiences and moving tales. Of the people they have met, lost and supported across the years and shine a light on just some of the stories we make up about dying, death, survivors guilt and grieving. And the impact on the dying experience for us all in a global pandemic.

This isn't a conversation about religion, it's a conversation between two human beings who know there's enormous healing to be had when we dive into the biggest conversation of all. Its packed with gems as always. Get ready for powerful insights and a lot of laughter too….

September 16, 2020 01:49 AM PDT

Pam had a big corporate life with all the trimmings. And a big fear of running out of money that was driving her to do more and more. She's also an adventurer, seeking experiences and new things and using her high flying job to support her in creating the lifestyle she wanted. But one day, a big change in her family required her to think differently. To consider a life of slowing down. Is that even possible for a true rebel? Join Danielle as she meets with Pam in her new home in France to hear what happened.
(Filmed prior to the global pandemic so no social distancing required!)

August 16, 2020 08:44 AM PDT

Madeleine Black has a big story to tell. Gang raped in her teens, she embarked on a long journey of recovery to become the inspirational speaker she is today.

This is a story of how one woman healed her shame, learned to forgive and realised that she could still lead an exceptional life, no matter what had happened to her.

There's something for us all in here.

Join the clan: www.remarkablewomen.co.uk

July 15, 2020 08:26 AM PDT

Ann decided to pivot her career after over 30 years in corporate life. Her soul was calling her to change the lives of young boys and girls.

Hear her story from Corporate to University to the difference she's going to make in the world. And how there was a thread throughout her life that meant where she has ended up makes perfect sense after all...

If you've ever wondered if you can make a big change or if maybe you should just stick with what you're doing, this story is going to fill your heart with rocket fuel.

June 03, 2020 02:27 AM PDT

The cover of a book doesn’t always cover the true story.

Likewise, a person’s journey can unfold with hidden often unexpected twists and turns.
In this episode we introduce Catriona Davies, a woman with a dogged determination to find another way.

Her way.

May 20, 2020 02:53 AM PDT

Kelly Herrick is a Contemporary Landscape Artist. Learning to own that title was a big deal. You see, Kelly has been a lot of amazing things in her life, but she never saw herself as an artist. Until one day she was.

Join Danielle and Kelly as they explore the mystery of creativity and creative pursuits, how to get beyond the Imposter that cripples us and what it means to BE the very thing you long for.

There's a creative spirit in all of us and Kelly knows just how critical it is that we all unlock it.

Ready to Say Hello to Your Creative Self?

April 24, 2020 02:24 AM PDT

In this episode, Danielle is joined by Behavioural Scientist Dr Mairi Macleod as she shares some fascinating insight on the evolution of our brains and why women behave the way they do.

We talk about why we're biologically wired to put other women in their place AND why women create brilliant community together; what might be going on in the boardroom, and most brilliantly, what we can learn from the Bonobo primate community, where the females run the pack...

A fun episode with a whole bunch of fresh insights that just might have you thinking differently.

Let's be remarkable together!

March 27, 2020 01:13 AM PDT

It's astounding just how easy it is to reset the chemical balance in our bodies to give us more energy, vitality and confidence.

In a time of physical distancing, working from home, high cortisol and high anxiety, it's exciting to come across tips and techniques that barely require any effort at all (and we mean it, this is not a fitness or nutrition episode!).

Join Danielle as she speaks with Claire Dale, co-author of award winning book, 'Physical Intelligence' and learn how you can change your chemistry in an instant.

March 12, 2020 02:59 PM PDT

Anj Handa has one of those stories that will blow you away. After watching the documentary, A Cruel Cut, she realised she wanted to do something to help eliminate Female Genital Mutilation in the world. So she started with one family who needed her help...

If you ever wanted a sense of what's possible when you simply ask and try and keep trying, this is a story of mission, achieving the impossible and simply showing up every day to make a difference.

And as always, it's packed with gems for every single one of us, whatever we're doing with our precious lives.

Join the clan: www.remarkablewomen.co.uk

February 14, 2020 06:21 AM PST

Lisa Livingstone has a pretty huge corporate role. She's also Scotland's Strongest Woman (for the second time) and placed third in the British Championships.

In March 2021 she'll be off to compete in the Worlds. She started her journey just three years ago when she decided to get more time with her husband - by going to the gym!

This isn't a podcast full of sporting analogies. It's the story of a gentle and remarkable woman who has found a new way to live her life and is still mastering the voices in her head as she masters a sport she never knew she had a talent for.

This is one for all of us and those women who include extensive travel within their professional life are GUARANTEED to find some gems here. What if you could manage your energy levels after all?

Let's be remarkable together,

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